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The latest XM Radio reviews don’t lie. They paint the picture why XM Radio is the number one satellite radio service in the United States and why it has more than two million loyal customers. Surely, XM Radio faces stiff competition from not only the other satellite radio providers out there, but also from the standard terrestrial radio broadcasters and the cable radio services. There must be something that makes XM Radio stand out among this crowded entertainment field.

It could be that those two million listeners can pick from 68 commercial-free music channels to listen to, which range from western to big band, hip hop to classical, blues to kids music. It could be the additional 33 channels of news and sports, leading talk shows and entertainment programs. Or the rave reviews may come from the 21 channels of up to date weather and traffic for many metropolitan areas in the country.

XM Radio reviews don’t just talk about the selection of programming, though. They also mention the high-tech receivers, antennas, and other devices for picking up the satellite radio signals. The is the XM Direct tuner, which possesses universal compatibility with any satellite-ready radio. With the correct digital adaptors, the XM Direct device can hook directly into your vehicle’s stereo system. Have no worries, then, about tossing your existing system from your dash, or complicating your system with another component.

XM Radio also offers some of the smallest and lightest satellite receivers and antennae in the field, which allow you to also listen to regular radio AM and FM broadcasts if you want, including your CDs and cassettes. These include the Delphi XM Roady 2, the Delphi XM Roady, or the XMCommander receivers for your car, home, and office.

The latest XM Radio reviews cite the exceptional features that these components have. The receivers offer a display and memory to always provide the channel, artist, and song name, so you know exactly what song you are listening to. It also helps that all of this fine equipment is available in many new car models. It can be found in more than 100 new 2005 cars, in fact.

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