The simple facts about XM Radio & BMW Automobiles

XM Radio is the new wave in entertainment for your home, office, and your BMW. That’s right! XM Radio & BMW have teamed up. So now you can even listen to that crystal clear, commercial-free radio bliss while you cruise in your styling luxury sedan or sports car.

The secret to the successful relationship between XM Radio & BMW are the top-flight components and equipment that XM Radio offers its customers. For instance, the XM Direct is a tuner that holds universal compatibility with any satellite-ready radio via a number of different digital adaptors. These different digital adaptors hook the XM Direct device directly into your vehicle’s stereo system. That means no need to tear out your existing system from your dash, or add another complicated component to your automobile’s system. The XM Direct will allow you to listen to your XM Radio subscription and control it with the controls and display already on your old stereo system.

The XM Direct is available for many BMW and Mini models. Its power lies in its ability to permit satellite-ready radios and aftermarket in-dash systems to pick up a full XM Radio subscription service. No matter your original BMW audio system, you still receive that awesome digital sound, the best in the business, that you expect from XM Radio. And don’t worry about bulky receivers or all too apparent antennas. The XM Direct easily integrated into your existing system or hidden behind your dash.

You shouldn’t get caught up in worrying about the difficulty in setting up an XM Direct system, either. When it comes to attaching them to your aftermarket radios, all it takes are a few adaptor cables. These can work with stereo components from manufacturers such as Sony, Pioneer, Kenwood, and Alpine. This ease of installation also holds true for factory vehicle stereos.

XM Radio & BMW are the only two companies that have such a successful relationship. XM Radio enjoys installation in Chryslers, Dodges, Jeeps, Buicks, Cadillacs, GMCs, Minis, Pontiacs, and Saturns. Ask your local car dealer about the packaging options for your new or used vehicle.

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