Learn more about the super cool Sirius Sportster boom box

The Sirius sportster boom box is the hot new portable version of the Sirius sportster receiver. The boom box packs the same features as the stationary sportster model, but with some awesome additional features to make it a worthwhile addition to your satellite radio hardware technology. With either piece of equipment, you get the top-notch sport programming that can make your satellite radio service more than worth it.

The Sportster comes with great features that all Sirius satellite equipment receivers comes with, and then some. Some of the sport receivers additional aspects include the Game Alert function, which alerts you when your favorite sports teams are about to play on the radio. If this game doesn’t interest you, use the S-Seek feature to search for other sports and games.

The Sirius sportster boom box will also pack additional capabilities, like a list of all available play-by-play games in all major sports leagues. Easy access to all your favorite teams’ play-by-play games in “My Game Zone.” You can also access a 30 channel preset memory to guarantee easy navigation from one game to the next. And don’t forget the added touches like a wireless remote control, an alarm, and auto dimmer.

You get top quality sound with the Sirius sportster boom box, too. This is ensured with its digital volume control, which you can operated with the remote control. The boom box sports Aux/MP3 input for the best in digital audio, and the five watt amp and four inch speakers to make sure you can hear that digital audio.

You’ll need these features to not only hear your favorite sports, but also all of the incredible music and talk programs that they offer. The satellite radio provider cranks out 65 channels of all sorts of music, from rock to reggae, county to hip hop. Plus, the satellite radio provider offers 50 channels for different types of audio experiences, such as sports, new, and traffic. All of the programming comes without commercials, too. That equals a win-win situation if you like the best that radio has to offer, without the hang ups of commercials and fuzzy sound.

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