Getting serious with Sirius satellite radio

Sirius satellite radio is one of today’s biggest names in the new satellite radio craze. They’re on top for a reason. They offer 65 channels of all sorts of music. Pick your favorite. Whether it is rock or rap, classic or county, Sirius offers you the latest music coming out of that genre, as well as the classics that you can never hear too many times. The satellite radio provider offers 50 channels for different types of audio experiences, such as sports, new, and traffic.

What’s amazing is that all of the programming, both music and talk, is commercial free. That means no more channel flipping to escape the unending pushy sales of broadcast radio advertising. No more radio personalities becoming shills for this product or that product. All you get is crisp digital sound and your favorite content.

Another great thing about Sirius satellite radio is its many different hardware options. You can get satellite tuners for your home, office, car, and person, all in a variety of styles and prices. For the most convenient and portable options, check out Plug & Play. These are portable tuners that you can get with home and car kits.

The satellite radio provide also offers the best in home receivers. These can hook up directly to your home entertainment system. They have the style and lines, too, to look great next to your home theater components. The best comes with memory to keep track of the track and artists of the songs you’re listening to, four preset banks with text input, and optical digital audio output.

For your vehicle, Sirius satellite radio offers head units that can match up with a satellite tuner and antenna. You can also get an FM Modulated system to pick up satellite broadcasts. An FM Modulator works with your existing car stereo system, so you don’t need to purchase getting a whole new radio. You’ll just need an antenna to pick up the satellite radio signals. Either way, make sure to buy a tuner with the same brand name as your head unit or FM Modulator system to make sure your system is compatible with the satellite radio service.

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