How Dish Networks HD programming differentiates itself from the rest

Dish Networks HD programming launches satellite television to the next orbit. Your basic satellite television is digital quality broadcasts to begin with. Add high definition, or HD, and you refine your image quality to the nth degree. The quality is so high that you may even hear HD subscribers complain that they can actually see too many blemishes on their favorite movie stars’ faces. The detail is that exact.

Dish Networks HD programming provides subscribers with exquisite images combined with the theater quality sound of Dolby Digital 5.1 channel surround sound. It was a quality of home entertainment not thought possible on regular old-fashioned analog televisions. But special HD televisions have the cutting edge technology to bring Hollywood special effects and sound to your home. The secret is digitizing the television programming, which permits the programming to be passed from the satellite to your television in the same manner that a DVD passes its signal to your television.

Dish Network considers itself the leader in HD satellite television for a reason. It makes it easy for you to upgrade to its HD television. All you need are an antenna pointed at Dish Network's HD satellite, an receiver specially made to receive signals from the HD satellite receiver, and a television that is compatible with HD.

With that minimal equipment, you can have access to all the Dish Networks HD programming. With all of it, your television viewing pleasure will be enhanced with ten times more picture frames, or pixels as they called, than you would get from old-fashioned broadcast television. These added pixels are what bring you the more defined edges, brighter colors, and richer sounds.

Dish Network adds to the effect by broadcasting all of its HD programs in widescreen format, with a ratio of 16 to 9. The standard ratio is 4 to 3 format and causes some images on your screen to get squeezed into the middle of the screen or cut out completely. But the HD ratio gives you the whole screen, as the directors wanted you to see it. This holds true for whatever type of Dish Network programming you are watching, whether it’s live sports, sitcoms, nature programs, movies, or concerts.

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