Get the dish on a Direcway upgrade kit

Satellite Internet can’t be beat, and a Directway upgrade kit is one of the best ways to enjoy this new computer technology. Satellite Internet provides a powerful combination of cost effectiveness, convenience, and speed that you’ll have a hard time discovering in other online providers and services. It’s just the nature of the technology. Using a satellite dish, a satellite orbiting thousands of mile in space, and a special modem on your laptop or desktop, you can access the Web from anywhere on the planet. This is especially important if you live in an isolated area that isn’t serviced by reliable phone lines or cable providers, or if you travel a lot in an RV.

When it comes to choosing how to go about acquiring a satellite Internet provider, you may run into the trickier part of the process. Satellite Internet is a relatively new technology, and so there aren’t any huge brand names out there yet like AOL. What’s more, satellite Internet can actually be slow relative to cable or DSL hook ups if you’re provider isn’t on the ball. So choosing the right provider and equipment may be more important with satellite Internet than with other forms of online service.

That’s where a Direcway upgrade kit can come in. This service will set you up with the DW6000, which is the cutting edge of satellite modems. It is Direcway’s top modem model, so the DW6000 brings to you the best performance, along with quality flexibility and easy maintenance. When it comes to logging on, the model also makes that easy. Unlike dial up or other Internet services, this satellite service has the necessary software already installed the modem. No need to worry about adding it to your computer or downloading upgrades from the Web.

For you technical gurus out there, the DW6000 modem contains the transmit and receive components in one compact unit. That way, you don’t have to worry about a cord connecting the two components. In the DW6000, the components communicate via an Ethernet connection. This also happens to make it easier to connect the Direcway upgrade kit to one computer or network.

All in all, this means you get the best in satellite service. You get the performance and versatility that you expect from satellite Internet. Plus, you get an unparalleled ease of use. No more do you need to worry about installing or upgrading software. You can forget about paying for more phone lines, or phone service at all for that matter.

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