The ins and outs of a DirecTV Tivo network and its benefits

The Directv Tivo network tops a system that already provides its subscribers with the best selection of satellite television, best quality of service, and most dynamic options. With its dedicated SPORTS Pack and NFL Sunday ticket, Directv is the satellite system of choice for all sports fans. You can’t find its selection of 25 specialty and regional sports networks, NFL football games, NBA basketball, MLB major league baseball, and other sporting programs anywhere else, whether it’s cable or another satellite service.

Then add the Directv Tivo network. You can’t beat the access to more than 225 channels, all of which come with digital quality sights and sounds. Plus, the digital video recording features of Tivo allow you to control exactly how and when you watch these channels. You can record individual sitcoms or sporting events, or record a whole season of them. If you and your spouse can’t agree on a program to watch, record yours while you watch hers. And then watch your recorded show while your spouse saves two others that are being broadcasted live.

The possibilities are endless with the Directv Tivo network. And all of them are as simple as pointing and clicking your remote. No need to worry as if you had to program your VCR. No complicated 200 page instruction manuals to study or toll-free numbers to call for help. Of course, those aids are available, but most likely, you won’t need them to access and utilize your Tivo.

Directv doesn’t stop there either. One of Directv’s other major new features is high definition (HD) television. It provides an unprecedented television experience, both for your eyes and your ears. You can access most of the satellite television provider’s full selection of programming, too, with HD satellite broadcasts. Choose from high definition pay per view movies, premium channels, and sports channels..

The backbone of this whole system is the premium quality of your basic Directv service. Its 125 channels of pure digital entertainment are unrivaled in the television world. Those 125 channels encompass more than 30 premium movie channels, 60 pay per view movie options per month, and 36 commercial-free radio stations. And unlike many satellite services, Directv also gives you access to your local stations.

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