The official Direct TV & Dish satellite comparison you've been looking for

A Direct TV & Dish satellite comparison isn't easy. It comes down to your research on the various features, programs, channels, and package prices of the two satellite television services. Only you can decide what is most important to you. Is sports your number one priority, for instance, or do you want premium movies first and foremost? Do you have to have the top-notch high definition technology, or will digital quality do?

When you do a Direct TV & Dish satellite comparison, you'll find out that Directv and Dish Network offer a lot of the same features, generally speaking. Both have their upsides when you contrast them with cable. For example, satellite television will mean the end of cable bills that seem to get more expensive every month. No longer will you need to pay extra for digital programming, and you will have hundreds of channel options from the get go.

You may think that Dish Network has the edge when it comes to high definition, or HD, television. It also includes that spectacular Digital Video Recording feature, DVR, that is sometimes also called Tivo. The combination of those two features makes for unbelievable home theater viewing. Imagine, a system that allows you to make out beads of sweat on actor's faces as they drip, the individual grains of dirt in the baseball infield, or the ripples of an ocean on your favorite travel program. Add to that the ability to record, replay, and splice these scenes as many times, and in as many ways, as you want. That's what the combination of HD and DVR will give you: complete control over your television experience.

Now a Direct TV & Dish satellite comparison will also show you that Direct TV has a lot of upsides when it comes to HD programming, though. Directv’s HD television brings you stations in a HD format like ESPN, Discovery, Bravo, premium movie channels, sports, pay per view, and many others.

Direct TV also brings you awesome sports action thanks to its SPORTS Pack and NFL Sunday ticket. You will be able to watch any game on the NFL schedule, and flip through them if one truns out to be a blow out. Or pick up golf, volleyball, or hockey if those sports suit your fancy. Direct TV brings them all to you.

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