The hows, whats, and whys of a digital satellite antenna mount

A digital satellite antenna mount is a necessary component of your XM Radio or other satellite radio subscription if you plan to listen to your service in your vehicle. The antenna helps to amazingly collect a signal from a satellite thousands of miles up in orbit around the planet and broadcast it over your car, truck, or SUV stereo no matter where you are driving. The whole service, more importantly, arrives without commercials and with the best digital sound that your ears can hear.

While a digital satellite antenna mount gives you access to your satellite radio service, it also can be a sleek addition to your vehicle. Companies like XM Radio and Sirius offer a wide selection of antennas, so pick the one that complements your car’s look and matches your personal tastes.

Satellite radios can also bring you the full entertainment value of your satellite radio subscription to your office or home. Much like a dish brings satellite television to your residence or your office, an antenna can localize your subscription for uninterrupted, commercial-free digital service 24-7 without a hitch.

For instance, with XM Radio, you can choose the Antenna Specialists Constellation Commercial Amplified Antenna Kit. This XM 900 Series antenna guarantees you uninterrupted satellite radio coverage, which can be customized for listening stations in your home or office or for your vehicle. Expect a manufacturer recommended retail price of $149.99 to $599.99. The American International XM-1DAS Splitter is another option. This antenna allows you to affix a single-output antenna to a dual-input XM receiver. Or on the other hand, you can use the antenna to split a single-output antenna to two single-input XM receivers.

For your sports car, slick looking SUV, or even your motorcycle, XM Radio also offers the smallest digital satellite antenna mount on the market. It’s called the Terk's XMicro roof mount antenna. The kit consists external amplified antenna, along with mounting bracket, in-line amplifier, feed cable assemblies, and a distribution amplifier. It’s powerful enough to block out interference from other EMF devices and is durable enough to survive whatever Mother Nature can whip up.

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