Join the thousands who want to compare Sirius and XM Radio

You need to compare Sirius and XM Radio if you want to buy satellite radio. Satellite radio has become the in thing in radio entertainment for your car, home, and office. You can’t beat the freedom from commercials and static. No longer do you have worry about listening to those obnoxious jingles selling this item or that. No longer do you need to worry about traveling through the boonies, where you can only pick up signals for the knitting station.

Satellite radio solves all those problems. Its digital quality audio is second to none. Its commitment to providing you interruption free radio around the globe is unrivaled. However, there comes a problem when you try to determine which satellite radio provider to choose. The big two are XM Radio and Sirius. And the big question is how to compare Sirius and XM Radio.

First, understand that Sirius is the upstart in the couple. XM Radio has been advertising itself longer, and thus has the bigger listener block of 2 million people. It has had the time to establish an excellent system of 68 commercial-free music channels to listen to with a wide range of music. It also adds 33 channels of news, sports, leading talk shows, and entertainment programs to its programming mix. To top it off, it has revolutionized the satellite radio world by providing 21 channels of up to date weather and traffic for most major metropolitan areas in the United States.

Sirius, however, has a couple things going for it when you compare Sirius and XM Radio. With new contacts with DISH Network satellite television, Sirius now has access to more than 10 million subscribers. It boasts more than 120 channels if you add up all of the music, sports, information and entertainment. For sports, Sirius is hard to beat, too. It broadcasts live play-by-play games for the profession hockey and football leagues, as well as many other sporting events.

More importantly for many listeners, Sirius will be the home of the King of All Media in 2006. Yes, Howard Stern made a triumphant and historic announcement in October 2004 that he will be part of the Sirius satellite radio system.

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