Tips for buying a Blaupunkt Sirius radio system

Sirius also offers the best equipment, like a Blaupunkt Sirius radio, beside the best satellite radio service. That’s amazing, considering the service is enough to attract interested radio listeners. Your basic Sirius satellite radio package offers dozens of music channels to match every music interest under the sun, from reggae to rap, from classical to country. Sirius service also brings you numerous news, weather, and talk radio channels, including the exclusive Howard Stern channels due to start in a year.

To pick up all of this top-notch programming, though, you’ll need top-notch receivers, antenna, and other equipment. That’s where a Blaupunkt Sirius radio comes in. The Blaupunkt America SR04, for example, is one of the best systems that you can buy to listen to your Sirius service while driving. The America SR04 comes with both a receiver and car kit. The receiver comes with a six-line display, a built-in wireless FM modulator with variable frequency settings, thirty preset station capacity, wireless remote control, magnetic car antenna, and much much more.

For more features, check out the Blaupunkt America SR04 tuner extra car kit. This will add to the mix a docking cradle, cigarette lighter power adapter, stereo patch cable, which consists of a RCA to mini-jack, and roof mount antenna with magnetic base. All of these pieces are covered by a one year warranty, but you may not need to even rely on it since Blaupunkt is such a big name in the audio business.

For your home listening needs, think of a Blaupunkt Sirius radio, as well. The America SR04 also comes in a home kit version. The mainstay of this system again is the Blaupunkt America SR04 tuner. With the home system, you also get a desktop cradle, an AC power adapter, an antenna for indoor and outdoor use, and an audio patch cable, which consists of a minijack to RCA.

Whichever radio receiver and set up kit you choose, you are guaranteed to pick up some of the best satellite programming out there. So the trick is picking the system that best suits your home or vehicle needs. Smaller more compact receivers and antenna may be best if you want to place them in your sports car or another vehicle where you want your satellite service to be hidden. You need to also consider if your satellite receiver system is compatible with your existing home or vehicle audio system.

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